Dangerous Skills Beyond Survival

Life is inherently dangerous; filled with both tensed and relaxed moments of life experiences and survival.

Our vision is to safeguard humanity by fostering a safer, more alert society and protect what matters most. Our mission here is to reach, inspire, and influence 500,000 citizens; training them to be a positive force for good in their respective communities. Our team of professional instructors are dedicated to providing dynamic and realistic firearm training to our clients; their families and friends.

We are relentless when it comes to bringing you the best firearm training, defense, and dangerous skills for your improvement. Our curriculum, training courses, and methodologies are designed to help you overcome  realistic challenges and situations. 

Simplicity is the root to all learning. We therefore infuse simple Systema principles into all we do as applied to the art, science, psychology and discipline of firearms. We have focus our Systema training in the preeminent area of firearm training. We then provide the experience, scenario and intelligence so you can test and train yourself beyond the limits of your own personal readiness. 

By testing the limits of your own personal readiness you will gain heightened levels of personal discovery, awareness, achievement, defense and confidence.  Therefore, it is our hope that you never stop training, learning and growing. 

S Fighting Arts, Dangerous Skills Beyond Survival.